How to Join

Come join us for a meeting. When you sign into the meeting (in-person or on Teams), we can add you to the club mailing list that ACARC VP Mike Rockey, KE5EQC maintains for the club. Once you are on our club mailing list, you are considered a member, since our club does not charge dues. We do, however, have the 50/50 pot, which is our monthly club fundraiser. Meeting attendees are encouraged, but not required, to donate as they see fit.

Information is distributed as it is received. You may opt out by emailing Mike.

Wouff Hong

Wouff Hong:

At Ham Holiday 2023, a Wouff Hong induction ceremony will be conducted on Friday evening, 28
July, at 9:30 PM right after the Friday Night Banquet. 

What is the “Wouff Hong”? Let Scott Hedberg, NØZB offer a brief history.
“It was invented, or at any rate, discovered, by “The Old Man” himself, just as amateurs were getting back on the air after World War One. “The Old Man” (who later turned out to be Hiram Percy Maxim, W1AW, Co-founder and first president of ARRL) first heard the Wouff Hong described amid the howls and garble of QRM as he tuned across a band filled with signals which exemplified all the rotten operating practices then available to amateurs, considering the state of the art as they knew it.
As amateur technology and ingenuity have advanced, we have discovered new and improved
techniques of rotten operating, but we’re ahead of our story.
As The Old Man heard it, the Wouff Hong was being used on some hapless offender so effectively
that he investigated. After further effort, “T.O.M.” was able to locate and identify a Wouff Hong. He
wrote a number of QST articles about contemporary rotten operating practices and the use of the
Wouff Hong to discipline the offenders.
Early in 1919, The Old Man wrote in QST “I am sending you a specimen of a real live Wouff Hong
which came to light out here . . . Keep it in the editorial sanctum where you can lay hands on it quickly in an emergency.” The “specimen of a real live Wouff Hong” was presented to a meeting of the ARRL Board and QST reported later that “each face noticeably blanched when the awful Wouff Hong was … laid upon the table.” The Board voted that the Wouff Hong be framed and hung in the office of the Secretary of the League and there it remains to this day, a sobering influence on every visitor to
League Headquarters who has ever swooshed a carrier across a crowded band.
The Old Man never prescribed the exact manner in which the Wouff Hong was to be used, but
amateurs need only a little imagination to surmise how painful punishments were inflicted on those
who stoop to lid-ish behavior on the air.”

If you wish to join this noble body of amateur radio operators when you pre-register for Ham Holiday
2023, you can also sign up for the Wouff Hong ceremony; walk-ins are most welcome. 

You must be a licensed amateur in good standing and an ARRL member to participate.

As a “Novice” candidate, you will be made aware of the protocols and secrets revealed to you of the “Wouff Hong” society. 

2023 CORA Ham Holiday/Texoma Hamarama Sign-up Sheets

Please sign up for a one hour time slot either Friday or Saturday for either/both events – Ham Holiday July 21-22 and Texoma Hamarama October 27-28. Thanks in advance!

WinLink NTS/OklahomaLink

Many thanks to all of you who attended either the Winlink NTS messaging with Vara and Vara FM  or the 20 Things You Can Do with the OklahomaLink system  forums (or both) at the Green County Hamfest.

First of all, video recordings of both presentations are available at:



Secondly, if you are looking for additional information regarding Winlink and NTS, please go to National Traffic System (NTS) Overview – Oklahoma ARRL.

Thirdly, here is a PDF of the 20 things you can do on the OklahomaLink.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via this email, which is ae5me@yahoo.com.

You are also welcome every Sunday evening at 8 PM for the RCWA C4FM net and every Monday evening at 7:15 PM for the Oklahoma VOIP net.  They are available on the OklahomaLink as follows:

Wires-X room 28292

YSF Reflector US-OklahomaLink 19053

DMR Brandmeister Talkgroup 3140122

DMR-TGIF Talkgroup 31403

P25 Reflector 31403

NXDN Reflector 31403

D-star Oklahoma XLXOKL B

In the Tulsa area, you can reach us on 443.000 (Tulsa) or 444.35 (Claremore) Yaesu System Fusion repeaters.

On Monday nights, analog users are also supported on the 147.090 (Claremore) repeater and:

Allstar 49562

Echolink WX5RC-R

–Jeff AE5ME