Member Stations

This page is setup to highlight our members’ stations to give us ideas for future projects.

Gerry Taylor, KC5MWZ

This is my home built vertical. The antenna height is 45ft. The base of the installed antenna in 9ft. above the ground on a 10ft stick on 2″EMT giving an overall height of 54ft.

The radials, 4 each X 5 bands, are elevated and connect to the antenna base above the MFJ 600W auto-tuner (black box). The antenna mast is 1.8″ OD X .125 wall X 48″ mil surplus aluminum push-up pole stock.

The antenna base is welded 4″W X .250 thick 6061 aluminum. The insulators are machined from 3″ diameter delrin,

The RF input adapter is copper/beryllium finger stock soldered on a salvaged bronze bushing with machined brass adapter pieces.

The VNA scan at the bottom is with the tuner bypassed.